The foodexperts team verifies compliance according to existing regulations in the country of origin and country of destination

We offer an additional check in anticipation of the incorrect use of PPPs. Our system demonstrates its efficiency in complying with MRLs, in addition to controlling and preventing the application of non-permitted products. It is valid in audits (Nurture, GlobalG.A.P., Etc.).

  • Grower
  • Importer
  • Retailer


Avoid rejections related to improper applications of phytosanitary products.

We keep you up to date on regulatory changes in your country of production and in the country of destination. We inform you of any plant protection product (PPP) that does not have an approval for use or that has a high risk of exceeding the target MRLs. In addition, you will be able to compare your PPPL with the restricted lists of clients and we will notify you of any PPP that requires a concession before being used. Share your PPPLs with several clients and reduce work and duplication.


Transparency throughout the value chain.

It encourages a more complete and secure communication with producers, avoiding unwanted pesticide residues. PPPLs identify PPPs that may pose a risk of non-compliance with the GlobalG.A.P protocol or customer demands. In addition, you will be able to compare the PPPLs with the restricted lists of clients and we will notify you of any PPP that requires a concession before being supplied. Remember that you can share your PPPLs with multiple clients.


Protect your brand.

Help your suppliers to follow Good Agricultural Practices to ensure the correct use of phytosanitary products, guaranteeing food safety.
Communicate and implement your policies for the use of phytosanitary products in a simple and effective way. The system allows you to start a concession process adapted to the phytosanitary requirements of your brand.

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And your value chain information in a flexible suite of interconnected solutions, within a secure environment to protect your data.

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Waste management system

Specific sampling to ensure safe and sustainable food. Anticipate and analyse risk situations, protecting your brand and avoiding product recalls.

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